Modern Fireplaces

MK Solutions installs fireplaces of various types, including those we do not have in our offer. Very often the customer already has some other fireplace model or intends to buy it. We have no problem with installing such a fireplace. 

In order to set all the details, please contact us in advance.

Fireline FPi8 Multifuel Cassette Stove

The Fireline FPi8 Multifuel Cassette Stove has a unique and modern design

Its main feature focuses on a truly marvellous display of the flames. It has been achieved thanks to the use of the large glass front window. This gives this model an amazing appearance in any room but its sizes make it better suited especially to larger living spaces.

This stove additionally consists of other unique features:

– multi-fuel grate allows to use and burn smokeless fuels, including wood,
– extra-large fire chamber,
– thanks to its sizes, 20” / 50cm logs can be burned, which allows for even a more efficient heating,
– massive 8kw heat output which can easily warm up large living rooms.

The Fireline FPi8 Multifuel Cassette Stove can be easily installed both into a fireplace with a 3 sided frame or even if any fireplace does not exist, it still can be inserted in a wall with the 4 sided frame.  


This stove can be safely used even inside of Smoke Control Zones because it has been approved by DEFRA.

Fuel: Multi‐fuel
Efficiency: 78.1%
Nominal Heat Output: 8kw
Material: Strong steel body and cast iron door
Finish: High‐temp. resistance paint
Weight: 90 kg

3 sided: Height 595mm, Width 743mm,
4 sided: Height 645mm, Width 743mm,
Depth of inset: 347mm

Fireline FGi5W Multifuel Cassette Stove

The Fireline FGi5W Multifuel Cassette Stove is a modern inset stove especially designed to be inserted into 20” fireplace openings.

It consists of a mid-sized unit with large glass window which gives a truly great flame picture. This model burns different smokeless fuels efficiently and cleanly. This is possible to achieve as unique airwash technology is implemented in its construction. This helps to keep front glass clean and stain deposit free.

Thanks to this solution, a view of flames is unobstructed and truly magnificent. The stove comes together with a high quality stainless steel ash pan, so there is no problem with ash removal.

This model is perfect for smaller living rooms.

A consumer can choose from a traditional black painted steel door or modern door with temperature resistant black glass.

Additional features:

• 5mm and 4mm steel construction,
• multi-fuel grate,
• stainless steel ashpan,
• three-and four-sided trims,
• internally removable spigot,
• tertiary air system.

Fuel: Multi‐fuel
Efficiency: 80%
Nominal Heat Output: 5kw
Material: Strong steel body and cast iron door
Finish: high‐temp. resistance paint,
Weight: 80kg

3 sided: Height 595mm, Width 593mm,
4 sided: Height 645mm, Width 593mm,
Depth of inset: 347mm

Arbeia Norvik 5 Multifuel Stove

The Arbeia Norvik 5 Multifuel Stove is a free standing stove

It has been designed in such a way that it suits and can be installed into various styles of surrounding decoration.

This still classically looking but contemporary designed stove features triple burn technology:

– Primary Air Burn controlled on the door,
– Secondary Airwash Burn controlled above the door,
– Tertiary Air Burn controlled under the door.

This system mixes exhaust gases with additionally pre-heated air which stimulates re-ignition and produces even more efficient and cleaner burning. Construction of this model and special riddling grate allows to use different fuels like wood or peat.

Thanks to this feature ash can be easily removed from its surface.

Fuel: Multi‐fuel
Efficiency: 81%
Nominal Heat Output: 4.9kw
Material: Cast iron
Finish: High‐temp. resistance paint
Weight: 99 kg


Height 600mm,
Width 430mm,
Depth 380mm

Flavel Arundel Multifuel Stove

The Flavel Arundel Multifuel Stove is very popular and cost affordable type

It was designed as a free standing model with a mixture of modern look and traditional character. Its design blends efficiency and flexibility with aesthetics as well.

It features:

– steel and sturdy looking construction,
– cast iron door with an easy to use lever style handle,
– big viewing window which provides a spectacular view of flames,
– two options of air control: primary and secondary.

Thanks to all of this features this model suits most living rooms. It is both cost effective and heat efficient because of its Energy Efficiency of 76.3 %. 

Moreover, it has got DEFRA’s recommendation, so it does mean that this stove can be safely used in Smoke Control Areas as well.

Fuel: Multi‐fuel
Efficiency: 76.3%
Nominal Heat Output: 4.9kW
Material: Strong steel body and cast iron door
Finish: high‐temp. resistance paint,
Weight: 64kg

Height 580mm,
Width 430mm,
Depth 332 mm

Dimplex Bellingham 5SE Multi-Fuel Stove

The Dimplex Bellingham 5SE Multi-Fuel Stove is another free standing model

Thanks to its classical layout and modern construction at the same time, it can be installed in any room.

The main features of this stove are:

– 8mm thick steel body and construction which increases its durability and provides maximum flexibility for installation,
– handles are fitted with stay-cool sleeves,
– cast iron door with large heat resistant glass, which allows flames to beautifully show off,
– high efficiency of 85%,
– unique grate has two positions, one for burning wood and second for solid fuel,
– simple air control with specific settings for the type of fuel used,
– optimal burning performance for any fuel used,
– airwash and inclusion of a rear air inlet which offers the option of direct air supply from outside,
– maximum simplicity of use and convenience for any user,
– no necessity for additional room ventilation (where it is allowed by Building Regulations).

This model has been approved by DEFRA and can be safely used even in Smoke Controlled Areas.

Fuel: Multi‐fuel
Efficiency: 84.8% (wood), 85.0% (solid fuel)
Nominal Heat Output: 5kW (wood), 4.9kW (solid fuel)
Material: Steel body with cast door and feet
Finish: high‐temp. resistance paint,
Weight: 71.8kg

Height 596mm,
Width 466mm,
Depth 368 mm

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