All about Chimney Sweeping – MK Solutions at NACS Exhibition 2019

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The NACS Exhibition 2019 is the largest trade fair for the heating industry in Great Britain. Although it is focused on technologies and issues related to the chimney sweeping, you can get a lot more important information there.

The fair took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stratford upon Avon. The organizer of the fair was The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS).

MK Solutions once again visited the NACS Exhibition

We were at the NACS Exhibition also this year. We compared the offers of the largest companies in the industry, such as OFTEC and HETAS.

This is due to the fact that this year our company is preparing to expand its business by installing heating devices for biomass and solid fuel heating appliances.

We were particularly interested in obtaining new authorisations and certificates related to these trainings for the sale, installation and maintenance of the devices, as follows:

  • Wood Chip Burners,
  • Wood Chip Heaters,
  • Wood Chip Stoves,
  • Wood Pellet Boiler,
  • Wood Pellet Stove,
  • Wood Pellet Burner,
  • Wood Burning Boilers For Central Heating,
  • Biomass Burner,
  • Biomass Burner Stove,
  • Log Burners With Back Boilers,

Gathering in one place and time, the largest companies in our industry enabled us to easily compare their offers and renew contacts. In one day we decided which of these companies we would cooperate with in the future.

If you are interested in fireplace installation, stove installation, chimney sweep and heating devices for biomass and solid fuel, etc., we recommend you visit to the NACS Exhibition in 2020.


We have been cooperating with SIS Stove Industry Supplies Ltd. for many years. It is a company worth recommending, dealing with the supply of materials for fireplace maintenance and fireplace restoration.

This company offers:

  • Stove Hearths,
  • Stove Glass,
  • Firebricks And Sheets,
  • Baffles / Throat Plates Grates,
  • Stove Rope,
  • Chimney Sweeping Equipment,
  • Vitreous Flue Pipe,
  • Flexible Flue Liners And Componets,
  • Twin Wall Systems

Since the priority of MK Solutions is reliability and customer satisfaction, we can offer the delivery and installation of these products for the next day.

New technologies at the NACS Exhibition

Thanks to the NACS Exhibition, we have the opportunity to meet the best specialists and talk to them about new technologies. We can easily compare ourself many offers and check the broad offer of fireplace maintenance accessories.

During the year, most companies in our industry work very hard. It is only at NACS Exhibition that we all have an opportunity to see each other face to face and not just talk on the phone. Such meetings build trust and allow for a better understanding of mutual needs.

3. The National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) ,

At the NACS Exhibition 2019 you could meet companies like:

  • SIS Stove Industry Supplies,
  • SnapLok Rotary Power Sweeping,
  • Honeywell,
  • Solinox Chimney Systems,
  • Wohler,
  • Dustcontrol,
  • Burnright,
  • Fluecube, itd.

4. Snaplok Power Sweep Kits - Rotary Power Sweeping ,

4. Snaplok Power Sweep Kits Rotary Power Sweeping. ,

4. Snaplok Power Sweep, Rotary Power Sweeping. ,

4. Snaplok, Power Sweep Kits - Rotary Power Sweeping. ,

4. Snaplok. Power Sweep Kits Rotary Power Sweeping.. ,

One of the exhibitors was SnapLok, which is the leading of the production of devices for chimney sweeping. It was the first that introduced the universal chimney cleaning system – SnapLok Rotary Power Sweeping.

The products of this company are considered by many chimney sweepers to be the best in the world. They are appreciated for their high quality and remarkable reliability. At MK Solutions, we also use SnapLok products. They guarantee our services to be of highest quality.

5. Solinolchimney systems ,

This year, we were interested in the chimney systems of Fluecube and Solinox Chimney Systems. They are manufactured in the UK and certified by HETAS as Hetas Approved Systems.

They are characterized by very high quality and competitive price. Anyone who decides to use these products will not be disappointed.

6. Wohler Innovative tools for plumbing, heating, HVAC engineers and chimney industry sweeps and specialists. ,

At the NACS Exhibition 2019, you could also find companies dealing with solid fuel products. We will write about these and other devices, such as gas stoves, which will soon be added to our offer in our next articles.

If you have any questions or doubts or need more information related to the fireplace installation, use or servicing etc, do not hesitate to contact our company MK Solutions.