Smoke Control Area – Is it possible to use a fireplace in such a zone?

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Does Smoke Control Area really mean that, in such a marked area, you can not install and use fireplaces?

Recently, an increasing number of people have asked us this question:

“Can I not possess and use a fireplace at home because I live in the Smoke Control Area?”

It might seem so but, fortunately, that is not the case.

Smoke Control Area / Smoke Control Zone – what is this?

Smoke Control Areas, also known as Smoke Control Zones, were created in accordance with The Clean Air Act in 1993. They were created in various places throughout the United Kingdom. It may be that they cover entire cities, neighborhoods or individual streets. They exist to reduce exhaust emissions and other similar pollutants. The standards contained in this act define what may or may not be burned in a certain area.

To check whether you live in a Smoke Control Area, you can use the link given below. You may also contact your local city council.

Useful links below:

Smoke Control Areas

NOTE! In the Smoke Control Area you can install fireplaces or stove wood burners on condition that they have appropriate and valid certificate Defra approved stoves and wood burners.

Defra approved – What does it mean?

Defra is the abbreviation of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. It sets standards for the emission of smoke and other similar pollutants. Particularly, it is important in cities or zones marked as a Smoke Control Area.

All fireplaces we offer, such as Fireline FPi8, Fireline FGi5W, Arbeia Norvik 5, Flavel Arundel, Dimplex Bellingham 5SE, etc. are marked as Defra approved, i.e. they have been approved for use in any Smoke Control Area.

Smokeless fuel – the highest quality fuel

In this zone, you may also install fireplaces that have not been approved by Defra, but on condition that you will not burn wood and coal in them. The only fuel that we can use must be designated as “smokeless fuel”.

It is important not to use any fuel other than “smokeless fuel”.

It is enough that some “kind neighbour” will contact the city council and tell them that smoke comes from your chimney. It will be checked very quickly and you can be punished with up to £1000 or more!

That is why our company recommends using only fireplaces with the “Defra approved” certificate in Smoke Control Areas.

Only such marked fireplaces are adapted for use in cities. Modern solutions have been implemented in their build, such as a construction that significantly increases the inflow of air. Thanks to this, combustion is more efficient and cleaner, ie smokeless. In zones that are not covered by the above prohibition, we are free to use any type of fireplace and any type of fuel.

Inspections of stoves and fireplaces – this must not be overlooked!

Fireplaces and stoves should be serviced annually due to the manufacturer’s warranty requirements and safety. Chimneys and their systems should be inspected and cleaned at least annually. This is a condition set by insurance companies due to the frequency of ignitions occurring in relation to the accumulation of excess soot within the chimneys. This is particularly often the case when using poor quality fuels, such as wet, unseasoned wood. It is the owner of the stove or fireplace that is obliged to organize chimney cleaning.

NOTE! MK Solutions recommends cleaning the chimney biannually – once at the beginning of the heating season and once again in its half.

Our customers’ houses and fireplaces are periodically subjected to such reviews, so our clients enjoy the view of living flames and their natural warmth and sleep peacefully at night.

Good news for lovers of garden grilling

Smoke control zones relate only to pollution and smoke released by chimneys in houses. Neither the grill nor any popular garden fireplaces, etc. are subject to restrictions imposed by the smoke control zone. You can still organize events in your garden without any worries!

If you have any questions or doubts, or need more information related to fireplace installation, use or servicing etc, do not hesitate to contact our company MK Solutions.